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We sell hand held folding fans made in silk, paper, feather and wood in Chinese, Japanese, Oriental, Spanish styles. Our fans are inexpensive, ideal for corporate promotions, wedding favours. Contact

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Japanese hand held folding fans - tiger

Original Chinese calligraphy art wrok on paper fan
10"long, 18" across

Each fan has a original Chinese calligrpahy. The painting means Tiger. As each fan has its own caligraphy, the size of the writing vary from fan to fan.
Each fan is £4.50 each or £35.00 for a pack of 10.

Code: fan-tiger/1
Code: fan-tiger/1
Price: £4.50
Price: £35.00
Butterfly fans
Butterfly fans

paper hand fans

Paper fan - Sunset by the sea

The fan is 10" when closed and up to 15"when opened. Made in paper on natural bamboo.

Code: fan-sunset/1
Price: £1.50
Feather fans

silk fixed round fan

Hand Painted silk fans , 8" long, bamboo handle

Fans come in assorted style of painitngs of flowers and birds. As each fan is individually hand painted, style and colour may vary.
Pack of six at £1.50 each.


Code: fan-silkfixed
Price: £9.00
silk fans fixed

Perfumed printed wooden fan 15.5"

The fan is 9" when closed and up to 15.5"when opened. Prints on both sides. Fans come in own presentation box with tassels of different colours. Robustly built and can be opened and closed with one single hand even during dances.

Code: fan-woodnp/1
Price: £5.50
Wooden  fans



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